Rayburn’s top 5: Five best manufactures of robotic arms.

May 5, 2021

This week we take a look at the top five best companies for robotic arms  (Worldwide).

Yaskawa Electric

One hundred years ago, Yasakawa was selling basic induction motors, but today, their Industrial Matrix inverter drive is revolutionizing the sector.

Yasakawa offers a great range of robots, cobots, and a hand-full of CNC loading robotic arms. Also, they are known for their Motoman line, which is the most versatile lines of robot arms available.


Based in Switzerland, ABB has been around over 130 years. With a  great reputation in the industry, in more than 100 countries,

In recent years, ABB has been a pioneer in leading the industrial digitization and single-arm and dual-arm designs that make their products an award winning choice in 2021.

Omron Adept Technologies

AI automation robots have made Omron the largest industrial robotics manufacturer in the US. They have a portfolio full of smart robots, industrial robots and advanced software. They are also especially well known for their 6-axis Viper robotic arm.

Kuka Robotics

Kuka produces a wide range of robotic arms. When Kuka’s released their showcase arm, it became popular overnight, mostly due to the commercial videos the company was releasing, some of you may remember the robot playing ping-pong, showing unparalleled speed and precision.

Since then, the Kuka brand has gone from strength to strength, and is now known in the industry for its great selection of robotic products, including the small and quick Agilus line and the KR 1000 Titan.


In a world that is turning ever greener, Stäubli stands as a great economic choice for factories in need of efficiency and a smaller eco footprint.

Stäubli markets its robots as fast and lightweight as possible. They are ideal for lighter applications, like plastics and foams, but if needed these products are also capable of more industrial work, such as metals.

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