August 16, 2021

For the third and final topic in the ‘Rayburn’s Hot Takes’ series of articles, we will be looking at a sector which has undoubtedly changed more than any other in the past ten years, I speak of course of Automation; unlike the Power Generation and Aerospace sector, Automation touches our everyday life’s in a more noticeable way, everything from food delivery to the ease of online services has benefited greatly from the quickening stride of Automation.

When it comes to the subject of automated work, the main concern worldwide is ‘how is it going to affect human employment?’, when buying a robot is quicker and cheaper than employing a human, a moral conundrum is put into play; it is a very real possibility that Government may implement strict laws for company’s looking to replace the entire workforce with automated machines, only time will tell how this plays out.

Next Week!

Next week we will be showcasing a gallery of never before seen Rayburn photos (1959 to modern times)