August 9, 2021

The pandemic, as many will notice, has sped up the planets urgency to move into clean-green energy by a good ten years; even on a local level the West Midlands has seen the final demolition of the Rugeley power station. For many years its abandoned cooling towers remained untouched and deemed too expensive to dismantle or destroy, but now its would-be space has been used for a handful of eco companies that will set a good precedent for things to come.

And with the likes of Shell Oil and BP, being sent ultimatums to reduce their carbon emissions within the next thirty years (by more than 50% percent in some cases) is a tall order, given that the soul core of their business model is the obtaining and selling of fossil fuels. Only time will tell whether these targets are achievable.

Next Week!

Next week we will be taking a close look at the future of Automation.