Rayburn Precision Engineering in Metals and Plastics

Since 1959

Welcome to Rayburn Plastics Limited, a firmly-established precision engineering company based in the UK.

From precision CNC machined components in a variety of materials through to final assemblies; we aim to supply a quality product that is both competitive and delivered on time. Our dedication to research, development and manufacturing considered fundamental to our success and our reputation as a benchmark company.

Rayburn began as a small manufacturing unit, initially supplying low volumes of punched and turned parts to the Automotive Industry. Over the years we have evolved into one of the Midlands long-established and well-respected precision engineering companies. Rayburn manufactures to a high standard of quality, in addition our in-house assembly facilities strategically support the companies manufacturing capabilities. We produce many different types of stand-alone products in a wide range of materials. We are also able to provide a comprehensive range of finishes on the products that we supply.

By combining our many years of engineering expertise and the extensive range of CNC and manual machines at our disposal, we are able to turn your project into reality. Within our spectrum of capabilities are milling, turning, routing, saw cutting and presswork.

All the parts Rayburn supply are fully compliant with current ISO 9001:2015 standards. We always work closely with our customers therefore enhancing the flexibility, quality and consistency within our manufacturing processes.

Should you have a specific enquiry or would like more information of how Rayburn could be of benefit to your business please contact us. Our team members will be pleased to assist you in any way that we can.

Industries especially relevant include: Aerospace, Automotive, Electronic, Leisure, Medical and Power.

Visit Rayburn’s quality page to view or download our certificate and statement documents.

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Dedicated quality department

We are proud to present our policies and regulations which are up to date; we have a qualified team working up to BSI standards following Environmental and Health & Safety regulations.

Rayburn has full ISO 9001 accreditation sustaining an effective quality system. We are currently working towards implementing the Environmental Standard ISO 14001:2015 within the next 12 months. All new products must go through comprehensive evaluation steps before distribution.

Quality Assurance