Our Capabilities

Our exclusive range of machinery and capabilities include an extensive collection of CNC and Manual machines including Milling, Turning, Routing, Saw Cutting and Presswork. With our high quality machines and the skills of our engineers we are able to cater for your every need. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

CNC & Manual Milling

We have a wide variety of CNC Milling machines, producing high precision CNC milled parts in a range of different sizes. The machines include an automatic tool changer for faster production along with the flexibility of machining complex 3D shapes to a high degree of accuracy. All of these can be programmed off-line using the latest CAD/CAM packages supplied by AlphaCAM, SolidCAM & Actify – mainly using 3D data model files.

Our range includes ROBO-Drilling machines by Fanuc – lighter in capacity than the vertical machining centres, also including automatic tool changers. These are ideal machines for producing smaller, more intricate components.

Overall there are over 20 CNC Milling machines available producing high-precision components for a diverse range of industries.

  • Mazak FJV200
  • VMC 1000, 760, 600, 560 & VMC500 by Bridgeport
  • Bridgeport Interact
  • 5x Fanuc Robodrillers
  • HAAS TM1
  • HAAS TM2
  • 3x HAAS VF-4SS
  • HAAS Mini Mill
  • Bridgeport BRJ Turret Mills (manual)
  • Bridgeport/Anilam Series 1100

CNC & Manual Turning

Our Turning Centres are capable of being programmed as milling machines as well as lathes, using live turret tooling. We machine a diverse range of bar-fed materials up to 80mm diameter.

  • Mazak SQT 18
  • M500 by Harrison
  • M300 Centre Lathes (manual)
  • M250 Centre Lathes (manual)
  • Alpha 400U
  • TU 150 (bar auto)

CNC & Manual Routing

Rayburn have two fully automated CNC Routers. Wadkin 1612 – Capacity of 1650mm X 1250mm X 350mm, housing an automatic tool changer. AXYZ 4008 series with vacuum bed – Capacity of 1524mm X 2438mm. In addition it has a Z axis of 200mm and an automatic tool changer holding up to 20 tools. Both of these are programmed offline using our CAD/CAM packages. Furthermore, alongside these we also have a range of manual routers.

  • Wadkin 1612
  • AXYZ 4008 Series
  • Wadkin Routers

CNC, Manual Saw Cutting & Presswork

  • Mayer Beam Saw
  • Wadkin Panel Saws
  • Throat Band Saw
  • Selson Power Guillotine
  • Fly Presses

 Machines Mazak Bridgeport Wadkin Haas

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