Dedicated Quality Department

Quality & What We Promise

All products manufactured within Rayburn are subject to checks using high quality inspection equipment.

We are proud to present our policies and regulations which are up to date; we have a qualified team working up to BSI standards following Environmental and Health & Safety regulations.

Rayburn has full ISO 9001:2015 accreditation sustaining an effective quality system. We are currently working towards implementing the AS9100 Aerospace Standard. All new products must go through comprehensive evaluation steps before distribution.

Measuring & Inspection Equipment

  • SWIFTPRO Duo Video and Optical Measuring System
  • Mitutoyo Euro – M544 Co-ordinate measuring machine
  • Profile Projector Model JT12A-B
  • Mecmesin tension and compression multi test machine
  • Plus a full complement of modern measuring equipment including calibrated digital calipers, micrometers and height gauges

What We Promise

  • At Rayburn we promise outstanding service and choice to our customers.
  • Always maintaining our brand independence to ensure that we give our customers the best unbiased advice, prices and service.
  • We promise to constantly strive to be successful, without threatening the reliability of our company, customers, suppliers or our team.
  • Engaging the minds and hearts of our staff to empower them to achieve greater and better goals for themselves and the company.
  • Encourage our staff to be open-hearted, assertive without aggression and to be achievers without losing their morality in all of their dealings.
  • We will continue to build strong, integrity driven relationships with our suppliers to enable us to meet the diverse requirements of our customers

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