Specialist products for many industries

Throughout the years, Rayburn has developed a number of specialist products for many industries. From sub-assemblies of aircraft meal tables to chip sorting machines in the casino industry. If at any time you have a new product requirement, please contact Rayburn with your enquiry and we will be happy to assist.

Aircraft Meal Tables

The framework of the tables are manufactured in accordance to customer specifications and can therefore be produced to most shapes or sizes. Tables fitted to an aircraft should be lightweight, yet strong and sturdy. The use of aluminium or carbon fibre materials allows us to achieve this. Aluminium can be anodised and coloured to any customer requirement. Furthermore, the same effects can be achieved with carbon fibre frames with special paint finishes.

For a hard surface finish, hard anodising or chrome plating can be used. Tables include the main foam filling so keeping the table weight to a minimum, then the chosen decorative laminate is bonded or taped to the outside frame.

As our tables are used on aircraft – the materials we use are non-flammable to comply with safety regulations.

Fan Blades

Fan Blades are produced in a variety of materials and are supplied to customers specific requirements. Industries as varied as Power Generation to Food Processing purchase fan blades from Rayburn. In some cases, when drawings are not available, a sample blade can be scanned to give the dimensions required for production.

Copper Connectors

Copper Connectors come in a huge range of shapes and sizes; it is not uncommon that prior to machining, the connector is either cast or forged thus reducing costly waste. The connectors can be silver plated to improve electrical connection.

On occasions, it is necessary to insulate the connectors. This can be achieved by way of potting the area that needs insulating with an epoxy resin or by wrapping pre-impregnated glass cloth to the required area.

Watch & Security Signs

Rayburn is the pacesetting manufacturer of weather resistant, durable and cost effective watch signs, commonly used by the Police. We offer an unrivaled range of signs with a choice of types, shapes and formed options.

  • Printed with high visibility inks
  • Designed for customer specific requirements
  • Produced from advanced high impact material
  • Individually packed and pre-drilled with plastic fittings/cable ties for easy mounting

Coin Handling Tube Systems

A trouble free operation is essential in the gaming industry and is particularly true of fruit machines. Coin or token jams deprive the machine of a steady supply which is never convenient and always unprofitable.

The fitting of Rayburn coin chutes and tubes into some of the world’s busiest machines has virtually eliminated this problem. Working closely with the world’s leading manufacturers and operators of fruit machines, Rayburn have, over the years, acquired a unique understanding of coin delivery systems.

The faultless delivery of coins can pass sensing electronics to a remote collecting site. Often routing through and around the established mechanics and electronics of the machine. This can test the design skills and innovative manufacturing technology of all but the most dedicated designers and engineers.

Flow Solder Pallets

Flow Solder Pallets manufactured by Rayburn are extensively used throughout the electronics industry. Having a far greater life than other pallets, resulting in a reduction in procurement costs.

The resultant increased operating temperature required by their use has exposed the weaknesses of many materials used in Flow Solder Pallets in coping with new wave solder circuit board production lines.

Environmentally friendly production techniques are presently at the fore in the electronics industry. Demanding the use of lead free solders and synthetic fluxes.
Manufactured from a high quality performance composite, they combine a short term temperature resistance of up to 400° centigrade in addition with a high level of dimensional stability and an excellent resistance to synthetic fluxes.

Important attributes of the composites are:

  • Static dissipative
  • Good resistance to synthetic fluxes
  • Excellent resistance to thermal shock and thermal cycling
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Excellent mechanical strength at elevated temperatures
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • High flexural strength
  • High impact strength
  • Excellent solvent resistance

For further details please contact us.

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